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A proven presence in the African market
Delta Machinery has over 300 customers in East Africa, where new opportunities are arising as the region becomes more politically stable and open to investment. Foreign aid and investment in combination with growth in the extraction of mineral resources is stimulating the construction industry in Kenya, Congo, South Sudan, Tanzania, Uganda and other countries in the region. Governmental organizations and contractors in these countries urgently need heavy machinery to help drive growth.

Insight into the African market and business culture
This success in East Africa has given the company insight into the African business culture and an understanding of the market and its growth potential. As an importer of good quality construction equipment, Delta would be in a uniquely strong position to satisfy this demand.

A stable organization is in place
There is a fully equipped Delta Africa workshop on an 18,000 square meter site in Mombasa (Kenya) that provides a base for operations in East Africa. From here, highly skilled and qualified customer support personnel can quickly reach customers for maintenance or repair. It is also a secure location for holding local stock if necessary.

Professional back-up from the Netherlands
The local presence in Africa is backed-up by the headquarters in Deurne in The Netherlands, where the 25,000 square meter refurbishment workshop is also located. Teams of technicians and mechanics can be quickly dispatched from here when required. Sales and customer support programs are also coordinated from the headquarters in the Netherlands, including the financial administration, the spare-parts and wear-parts logistics, and shipping and transportation.

Sharing our know-how and success
With nearly 25 years’ experience in the global heavy machinery business, Delta has built up considerable expertise. This not only covers knowledge of the heavy machinery, but also the applications, transportation and deployment. Through the company’s Delta Consultancy channel, this know-how and expertise is shared with prospective customers.

Added value for the customer
Sharing knowledge is particularly important for the African market, where constructions companies and governmental organizations responsible for infrastructure are often still in an early phase of development. By advising on the type, configuration, power, fleet size and deployment of heavy machinery, Delta Consultancy has added value for the customer – and for a potential partner seeking to gain an export stronghold in African markets with growth potential.

After-sales tailored to meet customers’ needs
Delta Africa’s knowledge of the conditions and resources in Africa also makes it easier to tailor after sales programs that guarantee operational continuity with an agreed service level. Dedicated operator and maintenance training, spare parts and wear parts programs, and projected consumables packages are all part of the overall after sales approach.

Sharing success
This total solution approach to the market had already led to a number of significant fleet sales successes. A fleet of 140 vehicles were recently shipped to the Congo, and several similar large-scale projects have been identified.